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Get the Training You Need to Succeed

Are you an action-oriented person? Are you helpful and dedicated to finding solutions?

At Los Rios, we train Public Safety students in best practices, hands-on learning, and emerging industry trends. Our colleges are dedicated to teaching the latest information and techniques to make our students immediately marketable.

In two years or less, you’ll have the technical skills to confidently work in the public safety industry in a variety of disciplines.

Earn What You Deserve

In this industry, the possibilities are limitless. With a certificate in hand, you can earn up to $81,000. Some job opportunities can include benefits like medical, paid time off, maternity/paternity leave policies, and investment opportunities.

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Career Opportunities You Can Explore Now

People looking for an opportunity to make a difference within their communities and help their fellow citizens will find that foundation in the Public Safety sector.

Career pathways in Public Safety can include civilian and military jobs at the federal, state, and government levels. Additional hands-on training can be required for some jobs.


The need for public safety jobs will grow by 1% by 2023. That amounts to approximately 3,346 job openings in the Sacramento region.
Career pathways can include emergency medical technology, police and security work, correctional work, fire technology, and many more.
With a certificate in Public Safety and Service, you can find yourself fighting wildfires, protecting your community, or assisting people in their times of need.
To learn more about other programs offered at the colleges of Los Rios, visit the college websites.