Danyal’s Story

Danyal Iqbal is a person who wants to solve a problem and help the masses. Right now, he is preparing for that mission and Folsom Lake College (FLC) is his laboratory. Not unlike a law enforcement officer, a firefighter or other first responders, Danyal wants to faithfully serve those under attack. He is studying computer science with a focus on cybersecurity because what Danyal sees as danger lurking is our mobile and connected way of life.

He wants to protect people or entities who are susceptible to being hacked, having information stolen, data systems breached and the potential of a foreign government’s cyber assault. Danyal’s  potential to outsmart the hackers is bright, as he has already made some smart decisions. He chose Folsom Lake College because it made financial sense. He agreed with his parents that transferring in two or three years would be the best decision. Danyal trusts their judgment because he says his family encourages him in everything he does, including his desire to become a cyber sleuth.

“Since the internet is so vast and people are susceptible to being hacked and having all their information stolen and their lives ruined, I decided cybersecurity would be the best way to help a large number of people.”

So far, Danyal says he’s pleasantly surprised that his Folsom Lake College computer science workload is definitely doable. In fact, he expected it to be much harder than high school. He credits his time management skills (studying and homework between classes) as actually making life much easier. Now in his second year with plans to graduate in May, Danyal is making sure to stay on top of things and keep ambition in check, even while he is launching a nonprofit that will promote infrastructural sustainability.

Danyal absolutely encourages everyone to go to college, even if the NFL comes calling, he jokes.  If you want to go further in life, finish your education, he advises. No doubt that Danyal will do the same, and one day fulfill his longing to serve others by keeping us safe in cyberspace.