Gurvinder’s Story

Gurvinder Sidhu is first to admit that acquiring his diagnostic medical sonography degree at Consumes River College (CRC) was rigorous. However, he did have insight while acquiring it that many community college students don’t. Gurvinder knew first hand the benefits of a college education. He and his wife had already earned degrees in their native country, India, before moving to the United States.

As a practicing physician in his homeland, Gurvinder assumed that he could carry on his dedication to healing in his newly adopted country. But rules and regulations got in the way, and Gurvinder found himself starting over at CRC, a prospect he at first found a bit depressing.

“I wanted to work as a sonographer in a hospital and I got hired immediately after college was done.”

Gurvinder didn’t realize he had a very American problem. He had to find a way to work and support his family and be a partner in raising two young children while maintaining a full schedule of college-level courses. Luckily, his wife and family were supportive, and so were the faculty and staff at CRC. Gurvinder says they understood his unique situation and helped. Their support and willingness to extend a hand is a kindness Gurvinder won’t forget.

He also won’t forget how prepared he was to enter the workforce once he had his degree in hand. The experienced faculty and staff were extremely knowledgeable, and he considers CRC’s ultrasound/sonographer program excellent. He found the practicing clinical hospital sites to be the best and was impressed with the infrastructure, labs, classes, library and sports complex at CRC.

Gurvinder says the job offers poured in after graduation, and he was hired immediately. He is happy with his good salary and his wife and children are very proud. He can affirm now that everything worked out. At CRC, he made lasting friends, and by practicing in a medical field, he is living his life the way he says he was born to do.