Julia’s Story

Julia Wong made a strategic and financially-smart decision. Instead of going straight to a five-year accredited college and incurring all those expenses, she decided to enroll in an affordable program close to home and get a great foundation for a future career.

Her encouraging family agreed.  They’ve always had Julia’s future top-of-mind, so when they discovered the Los Rios Community College District was offering high school students classes at no cost, they encouraged Julia to start taking some so she could get a head start on her dream career — architecture.

“Cosumnes River College had the only architecture program in the region that was recognized by several professional schools as being one that had classes applicable for credits that could be transferred, and equivalent to two years. I knew the program would provide a great foundation and first step for my future career.”

And she did. By the time high school graduation rolled around, Julia had already acquired units at Cosumnes River College (CRC), the only community college architecture program in the region that is recognized by several professional schools as being one offering classes that provide transferable credits. For a promising architecture student like Julia who someday wanted to own her own architecture and design firm, CRC was the perfect place to launch her ambition.

Julia loved her classes. Books were easily accessible and although sometimes she faced a waitlist situation at registration time, she says she eventually would be admitted as plans changed for some enrolled students, making room for Julia.

What Julia didn’t anticipate was her new exposure to a diverse college community where students found common ground through their studies. And, she says, there were always community events happening on campus which made it easy to meet people with similar interests.

Julia continues to walk her own path, including her goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Be open to opportunities that come your way, she advises, and give community college a try because it is one, big, great opportunity.