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Get the Training You Need to Succeed

Are you curious about what makes planes, trains, and automobiles run? Are you constantly tinkering, toying, and investigating machinery?

At Los Rios, we train Transportation students in best practices, hands-on learning, and emerging industry trends. Our colleges are dedicated to teaching students the latest information and techniques to make them immediately marketable.

In two years or less, you’ll have the technical skills to confidently work in the Transportation industry in a variety of disciplines.

Earn What You Deserve

In this industry, the possibilities are limitless. With a certificate in hand, you can earn up to $41,000. Some job opportunities can include benefits like medical, paid time off, maternity/paternity leave policies, and investment opportunities.

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Career Opportunities You Can Explore Now

The transportation sector spans a broad array of jobs from automotive mechanical work to careers on the leading edge of transportation technologies.

As a world leader in clean energy techniques, California needs to continue to grow and nurture a superior transportation workforce. A demand for graduates in these fields will continue to rise.


The need for transportation jobs will grow by 10% by 2023. That amounts to approximately 3,400 job openings in the Sacramento region.
Career pathways can include automotive technology, diesel technology, flight technology, powerplant maintenance, and many more.
With a certificate in Transportation, you can find yourself at an up-and-coming auto shop, directing air traffic control at an airport, or using the latest technology to improve air travel.
To learn more about other programs offered at the colleges of Los Rios, visit the college websites.